Why Choose Hyperchain Labs?

Enterprise Private Blockchain Consortiums

The most useful enterprise blockchain networks comprise multiple companies that have a defined need to transact business with each other.  The collection of companies on the enterprise blockchain is known as a 'consortium', and there can be multiple consortiums (consortia) on the network, each keeping their transactions securely out of the view of anyone not participating in their transaction.  Hyperchain Labs can help facilitate consortium member agreement to business rules (see Smart Contracts below).

Use Case Selection

Because blockchain is not a solution for every business problem, it is important to have a partner that knows which use cases in your business are the best candidates for the application of enterprise blockchain.  Hyperchain labs has a developed methodology that will help you quickly answer these questions, saving you time and money. 


Hyperchain Labs provides 'Blockchain-as-a-Service' to a consortium of network members.  Once the use cases are identified, the business network is modeled, smart contracts are developed, and the network is deployed on the cloud platform. 

Smart Contracts

Smart contacts are the lifeblood of the enterprise blockchain network because they define the business rules that all members of the network agree to in advance.  Smart contracts convert agreed business terms into computer code that executes automatically when the agreed conditions are met, thus protecting your company against the effects of inaction by the counterparty on the other end of the transaction.  Hyperchain Labs can help facilitate the agreement of business rules on the blockchain network by all consortium members and convert those rules to smart contracts for deployment to the enterprise private blockchain network.

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