Enterprise Blockchain Networks

Our enterprise blockchain networks are designed to help companies dramatically and permanently reduce or eliminate costs and always be in compliance. How do we do this?  By having all transacting parties on the same secure network. Check out the video below to learn more. 

Current Projects 

Produced Water Hauling & Crude Oil Run Ticketing

Live Blockchain Network - Produced water hauling and crude oil run ticketing.  IoT enabled with your field instrumentation or ours. Checkout the video of the mobile app for truck drivers below. No more paper tickets, ever!  Automatic rate validation in the smart contract, auto-invoice generation and submittal to customer.  

Energy Trading

Current Project - Direct trading of crude oil and LNG between transacting parties without the need for a broker.  All contractual documents are referenced on the blockchain network and all participants log on to the same network including financial institutions. 

Joint Venture Accounting, Production Revenue Accounting, and Joint Interest Billing

Future Proof-of-Concept (POC) - Sign up to participate in a 'no-cost' POC.

Oil & Gas Mobile Blockchain App for Truck Drivers.

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