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Digital Transformation 

It's time to change the conversation

about standardizing your business

The apps you use on your mobile device every day are built by some of the most standardized companies in the world. Have you ever wondered how tech companies are able to scale so efficiently while still maintaining profitability?


The answer is simple, they are committed to standardization. 


Just as it makes sense for a bank to build one standardized mobile app for its customers, why should your company use disparate spreadsheets?



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People and IoT 

We connect people and sensors to standardized  data interfaces  for business networks

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Back Office Standardization

All of our standard application interfaces are built on open source software to enable the full automation of your back office processes without vendor lock-in

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Business Blockchain Networks

Permissioned blockchain networks enable the connecting of people and sensors to business partners through smart contracts, ERP systems, and financial institutions